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Credit Card Rewards Programs

To entice credit card users to dutifully pay their credit card bills on time, card issuers have come up with various credit card rewards programs as an incentive.

These rewards (or freebies) come in many forms and begin as soon as people sign up and get their cards.

The most enticing of the credit card rewards program is the cash back reward but there are other equally enticing rewards programs for consumers. Some card companies give away frequent flyer miles for non-travel related purchases, freebie-giveaways based on points earned, college-savings fund for the student and retirement investment savings for the senior citizen cardholders.

Credit card companies come up with novel ideas on improving and setting apart their credit card rewards programs to keep ahead of the competition all for one very good reason – to persuade people to make their credit card payments on time and to avoid piling up of credit card debts and bankruptcy.

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